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Annual plan

The law of public libraries regulates the activities and tasks of library services, it is known more informally as the “Librarylaw”. Versatile development tasks to support and progress library services was founded in the year of 2018. To support all the public libraries in Finland there was created nine Regional Development Services.

You can find more information from libraries.fi

We organize interactive discussions and panel discussions, lectures from versatile topics and learning seminars from different aspects of the library field. Most efficient ways of networking and learning have been field trips to other libraries and other industries, mentoring program, job rotation and workshops. We produce podcasts, reports, publications, and brief information webinars.
Our services provide up-to-date knowledge, expertise and skills matching the needs. Our staff stays a head of the game by actively following what is happening around the world, listening to megatrends and weak signals and widens the horizon in the library field regionally, nationally, and internationally. One of the main forces is the communication and collaboration between other AKE-areas.