During the following year we have met a lot of changes and produced new services. One of them is a new loanable box with games for youth. Our beloved Magic carpet is getting retired at the end of the year.

The Digi group will have its last gathering of spring at the end of May and guest speakers will be Henri Vuorenmaa and Virpi Kortesniemi.

We participated to the gathering of VAKE and all of the AKE branches in Rovaniemi in April. During the days, we learned what other AKE groups are doing and got to know each other better. In case you are coming to Kuopio Library days, come and say hello to us over the AKE booth.

AKEpampas wishes everyone a sunny summer!

The first Morning café -meeting among the leaders of the libraries in our district, will take its place in march and the guest speaker is Mervi Heikkilä from ERTE.

Our Music group had a guest speaker from the Metso -library in Tampere. Juhani Koivisto talked about the selection work in library music services during the digital ages. Musi group will have a first gathering in person in April at Seinäjoki -library.

Over the last meeting of spring the senior groups will have their guest speakers Tiina Kallio from the library of Salla and Henna Ruuskanen from the library of Tervo.

AKEpampas travels’ to Rovaniemi in April to take part in the gathering of all AKE -teams around the country.

During April we will visit the libraries of Luoto, Kruunupyy, Toholampi, Halsua, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Kaustinen, Veteli, Vimpeli and Perho.

ÅKE -group has been planning the webinars of springtime and the program in autumn.

Liboppi -group noticed that old videos about instructions and guidance have still high demand so they decided to keep those available for longer time. Liboppi gained 500 new registered members over the past year.

The second education of this year will kick off at march and the theme is based on ART in facing youth and children in problematic situations. The courses are online and will be carried out in Swedish and Finnish.

The education of competence management, which was organized alongside with RSAA, had its final episode in February. It was joy to notice how many participants we had.

Our Music group had a neurospecialist PHD Seppo Soinila as a guest speaker in February. He talked about how music effects on human brain while we are listening to it.

Our Senior groups have guest speakers from the libraries of Tervo and Salla.

Digi group is making plans for the upcoming year and will choose the main direction where to focus on.

We have revived our Peer learning -program after covid and first library workers have gone to exchange place in our district. In case you are interested of library worker exchange program, you can send mail to akepampas@vaasa.fi .

January’s course was about confronting youth in difficult situations. The main speaker was Mika Vesala. Our guest speakers in our Senior groups were Nina Saarinen and Sirpa Hirvonen from Helsinkimissio and Cecilia Parkert from DigiSen project. Our theme in senior groups and music group for the year is digitalization. The guest speaker in music group was Niko Jylhä from Helsinki city library, who came to talk about “song workshop” in libraries with pre-school groups.

Since our day for the head librarians in our region, we have organized with Regional administration bureau and University of Eastern Finland a schooling about Competence management and it reached it’s second part in January. The third part will be in 13th of February. You can listen from our podcast Pinnalla/Flytande about even management in libraries in our January episode and in February you can know more how to inspire youth to read more, by listening to Sini Helminen and Minna Mohr giving advices and sharing their thoughts. You can listen to the podcast here .

In future you can recognize us from this Logo

The beginning of the year 2024 begins with courses of youngsters and problematic behavior in customer service. Over the spring comes a longer series of ART -courses to manage aggressive behavior of problematic customers. The moodle-based platform Liboppi has released many new courses which you can find here .

The music group and Senior groups decided to focus on digital services over the year of 2024.

We will renew our logo and visual appearance the next year to make our services more recognizable.

You can listen our lates podcast from here

During November we have been making plans for the upcoming year.

Our music group had a visitor Tuomas Pelttari from VAKE. He told about musiikkikirjastot.fi website, and how all the libraries in Finland have full access to share the content over their library’s own website.

Senior groups had visitors: Marja-Liisa Nevala from Kauhava area Vanhustenkoti ry and Anna Söderström from Töölö library.

We organized our annual Leaders Day at Seinäjoki with AVI and for the day we had a lecturer from the university of Eastern Finland. Arttu Puhakka educated the leaders of our area for Talent management and here are following two more lectures in the beginning of the year.

Our podcast Pinnalla/Flytande has published its second episode, and the guest Speaker is Merja Lahti who is occupational safety representative in the city of Vaasa.

We wish you a very merry Christmas!

In October all the representatives of AKE, VAKE, ERTE, AVI and OKM had a meeting where was planned the direction of upcoming year in our cooperation.

We at AKEpampas have been making our strategic plan for the year 2024, and the focus will be in problematic and troubled youth in libraries. We will provide a series of professional development courses, which gives tools to confront youth in difficult situations.

Lanukkaat and Barnpampas groups were planning to make a joint material bank and they organized a schedule for book talk and book tips over spring.

The AKE -leaders meeting handled the E-library plan. In case you have interest to come along and develop the national E-library, you can sign up here: e-libraries

At our first Senior day we organized in AKEpampas had a theme of music therapy, in which we had a very extensive introduction from Marjo Helene Haanpää and Eva-Lott Björklund.

The third Gameday was organized with AKE Lahti. Subject of the day was games and how to learn through playing.

Registration to our mentoring program is now on. The program begins in January and themes of the year are silent knowledge, participation, communication, self-leadership, and collaboration. You can sign up from here: Mentoring

We are producing to our webpages a subpage, for project reports of the projects that are made in the libraries of our district. You can send the reports of your library projects to our email akepampas@vaasa.fi

September has been a busy month. We have been visiting libraries in Kristiinankaupunki, Isojoki, Lestijärvi, Evijärvi, Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy and Vöyri. It has been a pleasure to notice, how various libraries function, and how much the varsity of library buildings effects on customer service.

Libraries of our branch has each their own unique environment, and they have each found their own special way to answer the needs of their customers. Our place is also to notice the nuances of each library and find a solution how to develop their services.

The national Digital -group had a meeting where was planned where to focus the development of digital services next year. Our groups to develop music services and senior services in libraries had their kickoff to autumn in meetings. Our podcast will start on October and it is at Spotify https://www.akepampas.fi/category/podcast/.

You can read our latest news from our website. https://www.akepampas.fi/category/news/

Besides the rainy weather our journey begun in a welcoming atmosphere. Twelve people attended the field trip from various libraries. On our way to the ferry, we stopped for breakfast at Pappa Dagis. The island welcomed us with dozens of sheep, which created the understanding of a unique way of living.

Library assistant Anita Söderholm introduced us to her work and the library.

The library is build within local school and one can see a fairylike view to the nearby forest and on the other side windows open to the school dining area.

Library breathes warmth and traditional atmosphere. Library customers are known as individuals which offers a possibility to focus the collection more to the needs of their customers.

Bergö library is a branch library of Maalahti, so the diversion of the collection is easier to maintain.

Our journey continued to the nearby museum where the history of the island was stored in various articles and memories. Per-Erik Berglund made us travel through time over the past hundred years, by telling stories of those who lived on the island and about those who left. On our way back home, we stopped to eat delicious food by seaside restaurant called Strand-Mölle.

After the delightful meetings during spring and the beginning of summer with the libraries in our area, AKEpampas has had its hands full with upcoming courses and new services. At august we will continue our Teams-meetings and visits with libraries in our area.

You can find us also at IFLA in Rotterdam, Netherland.

We will continue our group meetings with Lanukkaat, Barn Pampas, Senilins and Senior Pampas. At fall we will form new groups for digital services, immigrant- services and music services.

You can find us from facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

The city library of Seinäjoki decided to reduce plastic wrapping, youll find more information about it from here https://www.akepampas.fi/en/yleinen-en/news/