Loanable boxes


With the help of this box, you can make high quality videos with no effort. The package contains video camera, a stand, a MacBook air, and a wireless microphone.

Videobox is good for streaming and making trailers or educational clips. You can use the equipment’s for editing videos that are made with smartphone.

If you want to have a higher quality sound for videos, remember to loan the Audiobox. Audiobox includes a recorder and headphones.

Libraries can have more than one box at a time and boxes are for library use only.


With the use of Audiobox, you can make high quality sound recordings with no effort.

The box contains a recorder set, batteries with a charger and headphones.

You can use Audiobox to make a podcast, to record sound for streaming, or to make a video with a higher quality sound. It is easier to edit audio when it is recorded separately from video. You should try out how easy it is to make a podcast with this set. The box is easy to take with you, wherever you want to record.

You can use this box with other loanable boxes and boxes are made for library use only.

Dash and Dot -robots

Dash and Dot are small robots, that makes learning encoding fun for kids. Robots include many attachments which makes playing and games more interactive.

Dash is the bigger one, it can move from place to place and do a lot of fun things. Dot is the smaller one and won’t be able to move but has its own skills. Robot’s has built-in speakers, led lights that can change color, sensors help them avoid objects etc. Robots can also communicate with each other. One can give instructions to robots via iPad that comes with the package.

There are four boxes and each hold one Dash, one Dot and an ipad.

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Magic carpet

Macig carpet is an interactive machine that brings your floor to alive! The system is built with computers and a television projector that reflects image on a light-colored floor. Magic carpet activates and inspires children of all ages to move and solve various tasks.

The whole field reacts to the movements of the user. One can choose from 500 puzzles and games of the program menu. The carpet size is 2 meters long and 3 meters wide.