Field trip to Bergö

Besides the rainy weather our journey begun in a welcoming atmosphere. Twelve people attended the field trip from various libraries. On our way to the ferry, we stopped for breakfast at Pappa Dagis. The island welcomed us with dozens of sheep, which created the understanding of a unique way of living.

Library assistant Anita Söderholm introduced us to her work and the library.

The library is build within local school and one can see a fairylike view to the nearby forest and on the other side windows open to the school dining area.

Library breathes warmth and traditional atmosphere. Library customers are known as individuals which offers a possibility to focus the collection more to the needs of their customers.

Bergö library is a branch library of Maalahti, so the diversion of the collection is easier to maintain.

Our journey continued to the nearby museum where the history of the island was stored in various articles and memories. Per-Erik Berglund made us travel through time over the past hundred years, by telling stories of those who lived on the island and about those who left. On our way back home, we stopped to eat delicious food by seaside restaurant called Strand-Mölle.