Monthly letter

September has been a busy month. We have been visiting libraries in Kristiinankaupunki, Isojoki, Lestijärvi, Evijärvi, Pietarsaari, Pedersöre, Uusikaarlepyy and Vöyri. It has been a pleasure to notice, how various libraries function, and how much the varsity of library buildings effects on customer service.

Libraries of our branch has each their own unique environment, and they have each found their own special way to answer the needs of their customers. Our place is also to notice the nuances of each library and find a solution how to develop their services.

The national Digital -group had a meeting where was planned where to focus the development of digital services next year. Our groups to develop music services and senior services in libraries had their kickoff to autumn in meetings. Our podcast will start on October and it is at Spotify

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