The March Newsletter

The second education of this year will kick off at march and the theme is based on ART in facing youth and children in problematic situations. The courses are online and will be carried out in Swedish and Finnish.

The education of competence management, which was organized alongside with RSAA, had its final episode in February. It was joy to notice how many participants we had.

Our Music group had a neurospecialist PHD Seppo Soinila as a guest speaker in February. He talked about how music effects on human brain while we are listening to it.

Our Senior groups have guest speakers from the libraries of Tervo and Salla.

Digi group is making plans for the upcoming year and will choose the main direction where to focus on.

We have revived our Peer learning -program after covid and first library workers have gone to exchange place in our district. In case you are interested of library worker exchange program, you can send mail to .