November letter

In October all the representatives of AKE, VAKE, ERTE, AVI and OKM had a meeting where was planned the direction of upcoming year in our cooperation.

We at AKEpampas have been making our strategic plan for the year 2024, and the focus will be in problematic and troubled youth in libraries. We will provide a series of professional development courses, which gives tools to confront youth in difficult situations.

Lanukkaat and Barnpampas groups were planning to make a joint material bank and they organized a schedule for book talk and book tips over spring.

The AKE -leaders meeting handled the E-library plan. In case you have interest to come along and develop the national E-library, you can sign up here: e-libraries

At our first Senior day we organized in AKEpampas had a theme of music therapy, in which we had a very extensive introduction from Marjo Helene Haanpää and Eva-Lott Björklund.

The third Gameday was organized with AKE Lahti. Subject of the day was games and how to learn through playing.

Registration to our mentoring program is now on. The program begins in January and themes of the year are silent knowledge, participation, communication, self-leadership, and collaboration. You can sign up from here: Mentoring

We are producing to our webpages a subpage, for project reports of the projects that are made in the libraries of our district. You can send the reports of your library projects to our email