The April Newsletter

The first Morning café -meeting among the leaders of the libraries in our district, will take its place in march and the guest speaker is Mervi Heikkilä from ERTE.

Our Music group had a guest speaker from the Metso -library in Tampere. Juhani Koivisto talked about the selection work in library music services during the digital ages. Musi group will have a first gathering in person in April at Seinäjoki -library.

Over the last meeting of spring the senior groups will have their guest speakers Tiina Kallio from the library of Salla and Henna Ruuskanen from the library of Tervo.

AKEpampas travels’ to Rovaniemi in April to take part in the gathering of all AKE -teams around the country.

During April we will visit the libraries of Luoto, Kruunupyy, Toholampi, Halsua, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Kaustinen, Veteli, Vimpeli and Perho.

ÅKE -group has been planning the webinars of springtime and the program in autumn.

Liboppi -group noticed that old videos about instructions and guidance have still high demand so they decided to keep those available for longer time. Liboppi gained 500 new registered members over the past year.