During the following year we have met a lot of changes and produced new services. One of them is a new loanable box with games for youth. Our beloved Magic carpet is getting retired at the end of the year.

The Digi group will have its last gathering of spring at the end of May and guest speakers will be Henri Vuorenmaa and Virpi Kortesniemi.

We participated to the gathering of VAKE and all of the AKE branches in Rovaniemi in April. During the days, we learned what other AKE groups are doing and got to know each other better. In case you are coming to Kuopio Library days, come and say hello to us over the AKE booth.

AKEpampas wishes everyone a sunny summer!

Library director of Seinäjoki Library Kirsti Länsikallio, describes what kind of considerations were made, when they decided to let go of plasticization of loanable material.

In the beginning of the year 2022 Seinäjoki city library decided to make an end for covering loanable material with plastic. Reducing plastic is significant environmental act. It supports sustainable development, enables new material to come into circulation faster and it frees more time for other tasks.

The decision of letting go of plasticization, saved money for over 15 000 euros. The 15 000 euros was used for events and author visits for all ages.

Some singular items have been removed because of wear and tear, but all in all the condition of material has been good. The loanable material has lasted surprisingly well the strain of transportation and return machine. Books with paper covers needs to be covered in plastic otherwise those won’t last. It is important to keep the paper covers, because the illustration and introduction of the book will lure customers to loan the item. Some magazines have been worn out quite quickly, but the circulation of magazines is short term, so it won’t make significant difference in the long run. Books for children and youths have stood up well for use.

The number of loans raised up to 1 550 000 which is the highest record so far in the history of Seinäjoki library. The number of loans increased two percent since last year, and 60% of it was for children and youth.

The conclusion based on received customer feedback and experiences was to continue covering adult fiction books with plastic, other material sustained their condition well. Annual depreciation has stayed the same, 170 items has been removed from the items that was purchased in the year of 2022.